Trust a professional
In this new environment of global terrorism, government agencies have become more harsh and less forgiving of those who fail to file or who improperly file. Do not risk your immigration status. Few non-lawyers understand the challenges involved in navigating these troubled waters. This is why you need a legal professional armed with the experience and resources necessary to fight for your desired immigration status. Whether you are seeking a visa for a valuable new hire or you are seeking a visa for yourself or a family member, we can help you obtain the documentation you need. At the Law Office of Nathan G. Frazier, we represent clients in immigration matters including:

Family Based Petitions
Business Immigration

Nonimmigrant visas
B visitors (Business or pleasure)
H-1B - Temporary workers - specialty (professional)   occupations
H-2B - Temporary workers - non-professional occupations
L-1 - Intra-company transferees
E - Treaty investor/treaty trader
F - Students
J - Exchange visitors
TN-NAFTA worker (Canada or Mexico)
O—Extraordinary Ability Aliens

Immigrant Visas
Labor Certification
Schedule A
Multi-National Managers
Outstanding Professors/Researchers
National Interest Waivers
Investor visas
Extra-Ordinary Ability Aliens
Naturalization & Certificates of Citizenship


Waiver of English Exam
Waiver of Civics Exam
Waiver of Oath Ceremony